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Hello Writers!

We hope you are good, and enjoying the paraphrasing tool online free. We always look forward to meet the insatiable demands of our visitors. Thus, our paraphrasing tool free is always in your service. Many people get plagiarism issues for which they have to paraphrase online.

There are many paraphrasing websites, which you can use for rewriting any text, but make sure they do qualitative work for you. Our English paraphrasing tool, helps in rewriting & generating quality English text.

Do you see our cumulative ranking in Google? It asserts resoundingly that our paraphrasing tool has now become the best paraphrasing tool in 2020. Our tool can paraphrase your text online free.

Are you also one of those individuals who often write “paraphrase for me” in Google’s search box? You can get our plagiarism rewriter benefits.

Meaning and concepts of paraphrasing

Simply, paraphrasing means to change words of content without letting the meaning of any text changed.  According to Yourdictionary , paraphrasing is a process of rewording of original content.

What are the important uses of paraphrasing?

There are manifold uses of paraphrasing especially in content writing. Writers compose different types of treatises on a regular basis. Thus, they can get the plagiarism issues very soon as they are doing the same work very often. The following are some areas where one can use paraphrasing techniques.

  • Assignments
  • Thesis papers
  • Freelance writing
  • Legal notices
  • Online publication
  • Website/Blog content

You can also use these paraphrasing strategies.

How to use our paraphrasing tool for your content?

Our tool works in the following ascending order.

  1. Paste text content

In step 1, you should have a sentence or long-form text to paraphrase in our tool. Look at the following sentence as an example.


To show you the process, just a sentence is pasted to paraphrase.

  1. Processing and paraphrasing take place

In step 2, processing and paraphrasing take place for getting new plagiarism-free content.

  1. Here is your paraphrased content

In step 3, your paraphrased content is ready to get published anywhere you want. See the paraphrased text!


In the above image, you can see the quality paraphrased content.

Paraphrasing Tool in Other Languages

AI Article Spinner offers paraphrasing tool in Turkish,





and Indonesian language.

For whom we have developed our AI Paraphrasing Tool?

  1. Students

Hundreds of students write something new daily. These write-ups are not always academic, but some are for online publication. Thus, students can use our paraphraser to remove plagiarism.

  1. Professionals

Many professionals of different industries have different write-ups to create daily. Thus, all treatises have to be free from plagiarism. Our free paraphraser is available for getting unique content.

  1. High echelons

Perhaps! You do not know that there are some chores even for high-grade officials to write. They need also need to write plagiarism-free content. Thus, the tool can also add value. For the superiors of different organizations, AI paraphrasing tool can be helpful to rewrite content.

What are the features of our paraphrasing tool?

  1. Safe to use

A great number of paraphrasing tools are available online but many are insecure. Our paraphrasing tool is safe to use. You can easily get the exact content that you are looking to get on our tool.

  1. Direct upload is available

Some people do not even know to copy & paste the content. Thus, you can directly upload the file that is to be paraphrased online. You can see the supported files available on our tool.


You can see that different file formats are supported by our paraphrasing tool.

  1. Https protocol

Many tools look for rankings in search engines only, but they do not concern with the security of users. They keep on working on the Http instead of securing their tool with an SSL certificate. Thus, our secure tool with an SSL certificate is better preferred by several people.

  1. High-quality English

Our paraphrasing tool online rewrites your content in high quality. You will get two benefits with our paraphrasing tool. One is plagiarism-free content, and the other is high quality English grammar. Our paraphraser has extraordinary language benefits for all people.

  1. No idea blend

Several paraphrasing tools rewrite, but in low-quality grammar. Owing to the low development, the rewritten text is somehow low in quality. Thus, our paraphrasing tool is highly recommended by not us but by our potential users who keep on using our free tools all day.

  1. Use of synonyms, and idiomatic language

Our tool is created after using the high-quality development and algorithms. This is why; most of the users can’t help using it. We have algorithms used in the tool, which change the words into the corresponding synonyms. It easily rewords but maintains the meaning.

Some ideas are so ambivalent, for which it becomes difficult to paraphrase for paraphrasing tools. We have got over such issues as well. We are using such factors that can easily understand the invisible subtext ideas. This is why; our tool has greatly been liked by our users.

  1. Remove plagiarism

If you face plagiarism issues, you can use our paraphrasing tool online or AI Article Spinner which is especially made for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why our paraphrasing tool is the best in 2020?

Our paraphrasing tool is the best in 2020 because of its uncountable features in the development and used algorithm. We have designed our paraphrasing tool with several efforts so that we can satisfy the users of our tool. Due to tiresome efforts, we have created this tool, and it is the reason, our tool has become the best in 2020, and onwards hopefully.

Which one is the best paraphrasing tool to use?

AI paraphrasing tool is the best free online paraphraser. We are looking for the satisfaction of our users. We have set our functions in such a way that you will get quality grammar in the paraphrased content.

Do paraphrasing tools work?

Yes, they do. Paraphrasing tools work according to the algorithms or functions these are designed for. Thus, paraphrasing tools work.


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