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How to Paraphrase any Content Using Natural Language Processing Techniques?

May 10, 2021

Paraphrasing means comprehending someone else’s ideas and writing them in your own words. In more simple terms, it is a kind of rewriting a passage without altering the original meaning of the text. It is an alternate to quoting where we copy someone’s content and put in the quotation marks.

Techniques for Paraphrasing

Here are some techniques for paraphrasing a source text. 

The key to start paraphrasing is fully understanding the original text. Better, read the passage frequently to comprehend the meaning but don’t paraphrase a text without grabbing its meaning.

a) Use of Synonyms

The first simple technique is the use of synonyms. This technique is also called a synonym game. Let us share an example.

One of the most creative things you can do is to renovate your kitchen and add a kitchen island.

One of the most artistic ideas you can opt for is to modernize your kitchen and introduce a kitchen island here.

Do a careful use of synonyms. A single word carries multiple meanings. You have to make the right choice as to which synonyms best express your particular text.

Synonyms are words carrying the same meanings. e.g.

Embellish ------------------- adorn

Refresh --------------------- breathe new life into

Power ---------------------- immense influence

Soothing ------------------ calming

You can consult pocket thesaurus or download it on your mobile phone. However, never overdo it. Sometimes, the use of the same words becomes necessary and perfectly acceptable. For example, it would be confusing if you replace ‘technology’ with some other synonym.

b) Start Paraphrasing from a Different Point of the Original Text

Be careful about capturing and retaining the meaning of the rephrased content. You can change the sequence of given information but the meaning should be complete. You will learn by example.

Carpet is ideal for creating a warm, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere.

If you want to gain a comfortable, warm, and welcoming atmosphere, carpet is the best option. It’s a method of putting key information in an entirely different order, retaining the original sense, however.

c) Changing the Form of Words

There are several reasons for the failure of privatization.

Privatization has failed on account of many reasons.

In the example mentioned above, we have replaced the noun (failure) with the verb (failed). Both the sentences express the same meaning with zero plagiarism.

d) Change the Sentence Structure

This paraphrasing technique allows changing the voice of the sentence from active to passive and vice versa. e.g.

i) The government has changed the examination policy this year. (active)

                    The examination policy has been changed by the government this year. (passive)

ii) The Sub-Saharan African region is extensively recognized as risky by investors. (passive)

                    The investors perceive the Sub-Saharan African region as considerably risky. (active)

e) Changing the Grammatical Structure

Many governments have devised plans to implement privatization programs, the progress was slower than was expected.

According to a survey, the implementation of privatization programs has been a plan of many governments, the progress was not as rapid as was expected.

Here we change ‘slower than’ with another phrase ‘not as rapid as.’

f) Break Information into Short Sentences

Sometimes a single sentence makes the whole paragraph. To rephrase a longer text, the wise idea is to cut information into short pieces. Although rewriting usually results in a word count almost similar to the original quote, you can make a difference by playing with the number of sentences.

You can also reverse the game by combining two sentences into one comprehensive sentence. e.g.

Plants are the green buddies that reduce stress and create a soothing inner environment. They combat sickness and maximize creativity.

Plants, the green buddies are the greatest source of minimizing stress and making the interior atmosphere soothing along with reducing sickness and boosting creativity.

“A stay here means all-inclusive gourmet meals – think local lamb, beef, and king crab alongside excellent wine and cocktails – as well as a truly private and personalized experience from one of just 14 villas – each with its own private guide.”

Your stay here will award an excellent opportunity to taste delicious meals like local beef, lamb, and king crab with perfect wine and cocktails. Also, a soothing private abode out of 14 villas is awaiting to enable you to make a personalized experience along with a private guide.

Remember, successful paraphrasing demands the implementation of several NLP techniques than simply replacing the keywords with synonyms. You have learned many techniques. Change the sentence wisely that may fit naturally into your paragraph.

Why is paraphrasing a Necessary Skill? 

Paraphrasing any content is a crucial aspect of writing. It has become a renowned profession in the content market and people hire online professional rewriters to get their documents, papers, academic and non-academic work rephrased for a more valuable impact.

Paraphrasing is a great art and not every writer is accomplished in it.  Every writer can master this art and try his luck at it.

Let’s see how it helps students and officials in their business-related tasks.

a) For Students

Paraphrasing the content using NLP (natural language processing) techniques helps students interpret the given piece of writing in a more refined manner and pen it down in their own words without losing its essence and the core meaning. This technique plays a key role to polish the students’ creativity and enables them to express their unique writing skills while remaining confined to the original sense.

Some students also seek the help of professionals for their assignments to achieve reliable and fruitful results with no chance of mistakes. 

b) For Officials

Many factors lead to the success of a business in which effective marketing holds great significance.

If your business represents attention-grabbing and appealing content in the form of memorandums, proposals, and other business deals, you will enjoy greater chances of success.

Various companies employ full-time paraphrasing professionals to accomplish their whole writing task. Thus, paraphrasing assists the businessmen to set a high bar for the competitors in their relevant field maintaining the essence of the original work.

The above discussion highlights the importance of rephrasing in the academic field and the corporate world. Both the walks need it compulsorily for better outcomes.

Something about NLP (Natural Language Processing) Techniques

Natural language processing technique makes machines break down and understand human language. It’s the basic principle of tools we use every day – from chatbots, search engines, translation software, voice assistants, grammar correction software, and social media monitoring tools.

Uses of Natural Language Processing Technique

Natural language processing analyzes various aspects of human language such as semantics, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics to comprehend its structure and meaning. Computer Science turns this linguistic into rule-based machine learning algorithms that can perform the required task and solve particular problems.

Let us quote an example of Gmail.

With the help of a natural language processing task called keyword extraction, it automatically categorizes emails as social, spam, primary, or promotions. The machines by ‘identifying’ words in subject lines and affiliating them with predetermined tags automatically decide which category to assign emails.

Benefits of Natural Language Processing 

Natural language processing offers a lot of benefits but here’s just an extract that may help your business competitive.

i) Large Scale Analysis

Natural language processing helps automatically comprehend and examine tremendous amounts of unorganized data such as customer support tickets, news reports, social media comments, online reviews, and many more.

ii) Real-Time Automat Process

These tools help machines to sort out information with minimal human interaction – more efficiently, quickly, accurately, and around the clock.

iii) Tailor Natural Language Processing Tools

Tailor natural language processing algorithms to your criteria and needs – like complex industry-specific language, misused words, and even sarcasm.

Common Techniques

The various tasks and techniques of natural language processing include

  1. Semantic analysis
  2. Syntactic
  3. Part-of-speech tagging
  4. Tokenization
  5. Dependency Parsing
  6. Constituency Parsing
  7. Lemmatization and stemming
  8. Stop word removal
  9. Word sense disambiguation
  10. Text classification
  11. Named entity recognition (NER)
  12. Some Examples of Natural Language Processing
  13. Virtual assistants, voice assistants, or smart speakers
  14. Chatbots
  15. Predictive text and autocorrect
  16. Natural language generation
  17. Monitor brand sentiment on social media
  18. Online search engines
  19. Automatic summarization
  20. Sorting customer feedback
  21. Email filters
  22. Machine translation
  23. Automating processes in customer support

Natural language processing has become a crucial part of businesses and students’ assignments. Master this art and add value to your documents!