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Paraphrasing Tools For A Writer

Paraphrasing Tools For A Writer

July 17, 2020

Paraphrasing Tools For A Writer

Paraphrasing tools are used to improve the wording of a sentence while maintaining the existing meaning / concept. Paraphrasing tools can be used:

  • for writing unique content
  • for plagiarism elimination
  • to make the content human readable

Paraphrasing tools use their database to replace words with their synonyms.

In this article we will discuss some of the best tools for paraphrasing:


Spinbot is a free paraphrasing tool that produces content similar to the original. This website offers a premium version of the same tool that gives unlimited queries to rewrite and works without advertising or captcha.

If you want to use this paraphrasing tool for an institution or company, you should buy the premium version or opt for the paid API. Spinbot's synonym database has good library of words that can make your content look professional.


  • Spinbot can rewrite up to 10,000 characters with a single click.
  • It saves time, energy and effort to convert your old blog entry into a new one.
  • For limited requests, you do not need a subscription or registration. However, registering for the Premium version would offer more features.
  • It only replaces the words, rather than changing the meaning of the context.
  • This tool can be used to create a description of social media posts. Your simple writing will be transformed into attractive and potential words.
  • This tool generates human readable text, which is not only attractive, but also good for search engines.
  • It can be used for writing emails.
  • It does not produce "spintax" formatted results, and thus does not reduce your readability.


  • Students, bloggers or webmasters can use it for free.
  • No registration required
  • It is an instant tool that rewrites with a single click
  • Does not use spintax format for the results
  • Provides the option of auto-capitalization
  • Helps to avoid plagiarism


  • Paraphrase 1,000 words only in the free version
  • Displays ads and Captcha in the free version
  • It is only available in English

Spin Rewriter

Spinrewriter.com is one of the fantastic tools that offer a high quality paraphrase through its incredible technology. This tool is very efficient as it uses the Emulated Natural Language ENL for spinning. In addition, it uses the revolutionary neural network intelligence to preserve the meaning of the original article.


The technology mentioned above helps the paraphraser to relate the sentences, preserving the meaning of the content. Following are some of its amazing features that would improve your article writing:


  • Once it paraphrases the article, it compares the report by showing the original text with the paraphrased text. You can observe the difference, uniqueness and words that you need to replace.
  • This tool offers the possibility of integrating the images into your content. You simple need to select this option in the settings. The spinner automatically adds the image to the corresponding paragraph.
  • The mass export feature would generate another variation of up to 1,000. Most bloggers use mass export to fill their blog.
  • If you have a mass article to spin, then this tool would rephrase all articles within moments. You just have to upload all articles at the same time.
  • It is available on all devices, including smartphones, laptops and Mac.
  • It offers the possibility of five spintax styles.
  • This tool also has its own paragraph creation, i.e. it converts the entire content into optimized paragraphs.


  • It is the best tool for SEO rewriting since it offers the auto generating paragraphs.
  • It finds the words that can possible be changed and gives you the option to replace with another word.
  • By choosing your own words from its database, you can preserve the meaning.
  • It offers a 5-day free trial to check the tool.
  • No ads or pop-ups will be displayed.


  • Registration is required to use the tool.
  • It is a paid tool with only 5 days free access.


Wordai.com is another paraphrasing tool that is enriched with artificial intelligence. Its AI understands the sentence thoroughly and replaces the words accordingly. Thus, the tool relates the word to each other, and this interaction stores the meaning of the sentences.


It completely rewrites the sentences. The result will be different from the original content. Furthermore, Google and other spin checker tools would not be able to detect the spun content. We have put together some features of this tool for your viewing:


  • The tool recently got updated and the latest version is now 150% faster than the previous one.
  • Spins the HTML along with styling.
  • WordAi offers titles making according to your content.
  • It restructures the paragraphs and the listing
  • It supports four languages; Spanish, French, Italian and English


  • It is free to use for 3 days as a trial
  • You can upload and paraphrase up to 1,000 articles simultaneously
  • It can import content from other websites like Articleforge
  • It uses a high quality of words that make the content look human-written


  • It is a paid tool that is expensive than other tools
  • Immediate registration required for use


Aiarticlespinner.co is a free tool that removes plagiarism by paraphrasing it. If you use this tool to regenerate your content, Google and other plagiarism or spin checker tools may not be able to detect it.

This tool has modern artificial intelligence techniques that would improve your writing and meet your expectations.

AIarticlespinner - paraphrasing tool for writer

The bold words in the image above show the rewritten words. We have highlighted some of the features it offers:


  • It is a completely free spinner that does not require registration. It is a paraphrasing website with instant access.
  • Spinning unlimited words is not offered by most tools, but this tool does.
  • It scans the meaning and keeps the original idea same after paraphrasing.
  • The sentence structure remains the same while most of the words get changed.
  • Instead of copying and pasting, you can simply upload your file to the tool for quick paraphrasing.
  • The paraphrased content is ultimately SEO-friendly, and suitable for human readability.


  • It is available in several languages, including French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish and Indonesian.
  • It does not require payment to be used for unlimited requests.
  • This tool does not contain captchas or ads, which improves the user experience.