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Paraphrasing tool

Awarded as the best paraphrasing tool in 2020, our paraphraser is used by several academic institutions as a scholarly paraphrasing tool to paraphrase online.

The rephrase tool acts as a:

  • Word changer for essay,
  • Rewording tool for blogs,
  • Sentence changer for paragraphs, and
  • Rewriter tool for any type of content

Sometimes brainstorming new ideas can be frustrating, even if you work much harder.

Nowadays, every topic is already covered on the Internet. It can be tiring to express these ideas in new ways. Our article rewriter is helpful here.

It takes care of your content by efficiently rewording it and converting it into content that will be human-readable and plagiarism free. Even the plagiarism checkers can’t detect the rephrased text by our reword sentences tool.

What is Paraphrasing?

According to Wikipedia,

paraphrase is a restatement of the meaning of a text or passage using other words.

Merriam-Webster states that,

A restatement of a text, passage, or work giving the meaning in another form.

For example,

“A teacher is a role model for students.”

If we paraphrase this statement, we can write it as,

“A tutor is a mentor for pupils.”

Both of these statements are representing the same context with different words.

Check out this cool video to understand paraphrasing visually.


So, what is a paraphrasing tool?

It is an online tool that changes the wording of a text and retains the original meaning of the text.

You can use a good paraphrase tool such as ours to change words in paragraphs to avoid online plagiarism.

The main goal of an article rewriting tool is to reproduce a plagiarism free content. Our paraphrase tool plagiarism does the same.

It eliminates plagiarism from the content by rephrasing it with the help of our huge thesaurus database.

paraphrasing thesaurus

Our tool is a best free paraphrasing tool that does not charge you a single cent for the service.

How to use this free tool?

Our reword machine is very easy to use. It is designed to meet the needs of people who have to write thousands of words. It can greatly simplify your daily rephrasing tasks.

AI Article Spinner as a paraphrasing tool gives result without plagiarism. That's because it is a best online tool to remove plagiarism.

There is no point in paraphrasing if your content has plagiarism after rewriting multiple times.

To reword your content and automatically remove plagiarism, this is how you can use best paraphrasing tool online.

  • Copy your text and paste it into the specified box

paraphrasing tool copy paste box image 1

  • Or upload a file using paraphrasing tool upload file button button
  • Click on the paraphrasing tool rewrite button button to paraphrase your text.

Our rephrasing sentences tool does not take time to change the course of your text.

Doubts in your head? Don't worry.

Simply copy any paragraph from the Internet and rewrite it online.

Check it now for plagiarism. There you go. That is not magic. This is our devotion that speaks through this tool.

plagiarism free paraphrasing tool

Features: Why this paraphrasing tool is 100% accurate?

We have developed this tool to create text that is 100% human-readable and of high quality.

The sentence changer generator is qualitatively different from other tools. It has dozens of functions that other tools without premium plans cannot imagine.

But… we are not others.

Let’s see what features of this word rephrase makes it different from others.

  • Free of cost

We do not charge anything from our users. This tool is completely free and there are no restrictions for anyone. You can rewrite without worrying about the word limit because there is no limit.

Paraphrase as many words as you want, for free.

  • Upload files in any format

You can upload files directly to paraphrase your content online. Files can be uploaded in DOC, DOCX, PDF and TXT format.

With this sentence reowrder, you can paraphrase your text by both pasting and uploading files.

  • Safe & Secure

Many tools look for rankings in search engines only, but they do not care about the security of users. They continue to work with HTTP instead of securing their tool with an SSL certificate.

Our tool is secured with an SSL certificate. Furthermore, we do not restore or share the data of our users under any circumstances.

  • High-quality output

Our online paraphrasing tool rewrites your content in high quality. Its output is not just a mixture of words. Instead, it produces a meaningful text with good quality.

The content will be perfectly readable and would not lose its context even after being rephrased with our Google Paraphrasing Tool.

Several paraphrasing tools rewrite, but produce low quality content. Therefore, the rewritten text is not so easy to read.

For this reason, our paraphrasing tool is highly recommended by our potential users who continue to use this free tool due to its quality.

  • Context-based rewording - Powered with AI

Some ideas are so ambivalent that it becomes difficult to paraphrase for paraphrasing tools.

Our tool is developed with Artificial Intelligence Technology and uses Natural Language Processing to easily understand the invisible subtext ideas.

  • Massive database of synonyms

We have prepared and embedded millions of synonyms into this tool. It replaces every single word in the world. Our synonyms database is our greatest asset alongside our AI-based algorithm.

It replaces words by perceiving the context of the text.

  • Plagiarism-free content

As already mentioned, our paraphrasing tool provides 100% and regenerates content that is completely free of plagiarism. You do not have to paraphrase and remove plagiarism separately.

  • Paraphrasing tool for Mac, Windows, and Microsoft

This rewording tool can be used on mobile devices, desktops and tablets. The same version of this paraphrase tool for Mac can also be used on Apple devices.

So it doesn't matter where you are or what device you're using, it can be used anywhere because of the improved mobility it brings.

Why use a paraphraser?

1. Before final submission to the university, students and researchers should conduct research  and check it on Turnitin. Turnitin is a popular tool for checking copied content. Our paraphrase tool for Turnitin is the best way to cheat this plagiarism check tool.

2. Have you ever tried to paraphrase an essay or blog without using a tool? That's pretty devastating, right? Manually paraphrasing of 1000 words can take up to 4 hours, which is not good for productivity.

Imagine if you had to post 5,000 words a week - that would be a hell of a task.

Well, our tool allows you to paraphrase unlimited words in seconds.

Why waste your time when you have a free tool that works for you? Forget about rephrasing every sentence of your essay by finding synonyms for every word. For now you can call this tool as "reword my sentence" and it will.


05 Reasons You Should Use This Article Rewriter

✔Get more traffic by publishing plagiarism free content

As an SEO expert, you may know that content is king.

Bill Gates wrote in an essay that,

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

The more content you post on your blog, the more visitors you get. But the amount of content that is required to get those visitors is enormous. There is no way to write so much content yourself on new ideas.

By using this tool you can bring a lot of benefit to your SEO. Paraphrase the original content and post this plagiairsm-free content on your blog or website, which will ultimately bring more traffic to your website.

Read here, why content will always be king to understand the significance of the content for SEO.

✔Improve your grades

Students have to do a lot of hard work in order to achieve good grades and to have a decent career. They have to write long essays on topics that are already covered by others.

This becomes a confusing situation for students, as most students are unable to paraphrase essays themselves.

Students can use this tool to submit their papers and essays on time. It can improve students "grades by taking care of their paraphrased work.

✔Boost your English language skills

With this tool you can improve your vocabulary of English. First, read the essay and paraphrase it with our tool.

Then read the paraphrased essay generated by our tool. Practice this for a few weeks. You will find that your English skills are much better than before.

If you continue to practice, your English skills may be perfect, but it depends on your commitment.

✔Saves time

It saves a lot of time by paraphrasing the whole essay in a few seconds. At this point, you may be well aware of the situation where paraphrasing takes hours if done manually.

But with this tool, you can save plenty of time for your family and friends.

✔Be more productive

This tool makes you more productive and efficient in more than one way. You can invest your time on other activities instead of wasting your time on paraphrasing.

For example, if you are a student, you should solve math problems. At the same time, let this tool rewrite the paper for you.

If you are a blogger, you can work on your backlinks instead of wearing your brain on paraphrasing.

Who can use this tool?

Our paraphrase tool is developed for researchers, students, teachers, journalists, lawyers, and bloggers.

With our AI Article Rewriter, you don’t have to worry about quality or plagiarism. Because our article rewriter tool takes care of them very effectively.

  • Students student rewrite

Students can use this tool to reword their essays without wasting their time. When assignments are given in the class, students worry about plagiarism and submitting them on time. If they don’t, their grades get hurt.

So, students don’t have to worry anymore. They can use this paraphrasing tool. Because the content paraphrased by our word changer is completely free of plagiarism.

  • Researchers  scholarly paraphrasing tool

Postgraduate students can use this tool to write their thesis and researches. Researchers have to publish their researches on the internet.

Most of the researches and thesis include material from previous researches. Researchers have to cite the previous researches if they need to include them in their work.

Even after the citation, they have to paraphrase that material because citation doesn’t allow using someone else’s work word by word.

Researchers have to paraphrase that already published material to include them in their own research. This tool can be very useful in that case.

  • Teachers paraphrasing tool for teachers

Teachers can also use this tool to rewrite the material they prepare for the class. Each year, they have to teach new classes and new students. Rewording the teaching material can bring creativity and freshness in the learning environment.

  • Content writers & bloggers seo rewriter

Content writers and bloggers are those people who write thousands of words daily for SEO purposes. They have to come up with new ideas every day so that they can post online and get more visitors.

Constant brainstorming can result in frustration which is why our tool makes life easier by reproducing the existing content with high-quality.

Now, bloggers can write unlimited words for their blogs or websites and can take their SEO to new limits.

  • Freelancers freelance rewriter

Freelancers send hundreds of proposals every day to get more business. But the static proposals get no response by the clients on freelancing sites. A project bid should contain fresh and dynamic content to get the attention of the client.

By using this tool, freelancers can send a new proposal every time a project gets posted on the internet. It helps to increase the income of the freelancers.

  • Apparently everyone… ai article rewriter

By now, you may have got an idea of how this tool can be so valuable for most people. An employee or a businessman, this tool is for everyone.

FAQs Faqs paraphrasing tool

Can Turnitin detect paraphrasing?

If you paraphrase each sentence, Turnitin cannot detect paraphrasing. Turnitin checks the phrases, structure of sentences, and grammar patterns.

Our paraphrasing tool changes the sentence structure, phrases and patterns of grammar to avoid paraphrasing detection by Turnitin.

What is the best paraphrasing tool?

The best paraphrasing tool in 2020 is paraphrasing tool by AI Article Spinner. This tool is an AI-based sentence paraphraser that rephrases your text along with keeping the original context of the text.

How do paraphrase tools work?

Paraphrasing tools work by replacing the sentence, grammar, and words of the text. After replacement, these tools generate a new text based on the original text.

What is the best tool for rephrasing English sentences?

This simple English paraphrase tool is the best tool for re-expressing English sentences. Because it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence technology to understand the meaning of the text.

By understanding the original context, it regenerates the text with the same meaning but with different words and structures.


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