What is a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool is a program that allows you to edit your text so it has a different wording without changing the meaning. You may have heard of the term “paraphrasing” or “rewriting” and here is how it works.

Paraphrasing tools work with two sources of texts: the copied text you are using and the original text (if available). The program reads a source text and then generates a new one which contains the same meaning.

Paraphrasing is an operation performed by a paraphraser which makes the source text easier to understand while keeping its original meaning intact and changing the structure only slightly.

What Does Paraphrasing Tool Do?

Students who want to submit an unprecedented and creative essay must know what paraphrasing tool does. It’s a simple word-replacing software that makes your essay sound more interesting or attractive to the reader. While you paraphrase a sentence, you make it much easier for the reader to understand it.

That is why we emphasize using paraphrasing tool as much as possible.

Unlike other applications, our word blinder helps you modify only selected phrases. The rest of the text stays unchanged. This way, you can easily highlight the main idea and make it clear to your friends or teacher.

Is it a good choice to use a paraphraser? 

Certainly there are some short term benefits such as getting you to produce a unique article for your needs. But the major advantage is that it allows you to eliminate the main problem plaguing most writers today...the dreaded writer's block.

We are sure all of you have experienced this problem at one time or another. You have an assignment and no matter how hard you try you are unable to produce anything worthwhile. Here comes the paraphrase tool to save the day! If you use it right, it can make your article better. It can even turn a difficult writer's block into a breeze!

Best paraphrasing tool online

If you're into paraphrasing and article rewriting then this is the tool for you.

AI Paraphraser is an online article rewriter that can not only rewrite your articles, it can also help you to create thousands of new articles with different settings. In this text rewriting tool, users will be able to rewrite their documents using the finest quality of unique content without having to spend too much time reading or editing the text manually.

This revolutionary article spinner will produce unique content that is 100% readable, and it's fast!

What are its Key Features?

  • There are some key features that make this tool one of the best in the market:
  • The tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • This tool is perfect for university students, bloggers, and basic business users.
  • You can also use this text writer to mash up or make an article from a collection of your previous content.
  • The tool is free.

Do Professional Paraphrasing - 100% Unique

Our tool is free and gives you several options to choose from, so you can find a right paraphrasing mode for your paper.

Additionally, we offer a list of synonyms in case you don’t find appropriate words in the dictionary. If your paper is way too complex and requires professional help, you can always use our AI Content Generator.

Rewriting tools - Necessity of writers

Writers need such paraphrasing tools because they have their own deadlines to fulfill. College and university students have lots of classes and term papers to write.

They have to come up with a really good piece of work before deadline day. That's where paraphrasing tools come in handy. They allow writers to produce high-quality papers without putting too much effort into this.

If you are looking for professional writing services, you can visit CustomWritings.com to take online advantage of academic experts.

Do you need a free paraphrasing tool?

A free paraphrase tool is a service that allows you to change your text by using one or several synonyms and it’s considered to be a synonym dictionary. You can use these tools when you write articles, reports or essays, but they don’t work for more complicated texts like novels and plays.

If you’re looking for a free tool that allows you to paraphrase a text in the same language or internationally, AI Paraphraser is your best option. This free online paraphrasing tool analyzes content and then provides you with an original paper.

You can also use this program for SEO purposes as it allows you to check sites for duplicate content, which may be ranking you lower.

Role of paraphraser in learning language?

The concept of paraphrasing tool is very effective and beneficial to learn language. We can prepare a paraphrase easily using this tool.

Using the paraphrase tool you can make it a story based on your own life into another story. This will help you to improve your grammar skills, vocabulary, writing skills and reading skills. You can do these things by just using this tool in your smart phone or computer.

How paraphrasing improve writing skills?

As pointed out above, paraphrasing is widely used in various disciplines. Effective paraphrasing involves many different skills that are also useful in other areas of life. It includes:

Practical skills:

paraphrasing requires a lot of practice and training to develop relevant practical skills such as language repetition, grammar usage, etc. These are necessary for writing an effective essay or any other form of academic writing. This makes it the preferred method for improving students’ writing skills.

Critical thinking skills:

paraphrasing usually entails dissecting and interpreting the original text. For example, you need to read and understand the text well before rewriting or restating it in your own words. This is a very useful skill that can be applied to any form of writing or speech making.

It involves looking at all sides of a story or issue and presenting them from different angles (either verbally, written or both). This is a valuable skill for every student, be it form or high school.

Ability to analyze data and information:

good paraphrasing involves examining and analyzing the original text which could also contain other forms of information. For example, you paraphrase a book that is littered with tables and figures; you need to understand their importance before rewriting them in your own words.

This skill can be applied in a lot of ways, from science research papers to analyzing business reports. It includes interpreting information and presenting it in a more concise form.

Empathy and diplomacy:

the ability to understand various sides of an argument is crucial for any student, especially when writing essays and research papers. In this case, you need to try looking at the issue from all angles before arriving at a conclusion or presenting your arguments.

This is also useful for any form of speech such as essays or debates in which you have to convince your audience for one side of an issue. If you are able to understand and empathize with your audience, you will be sure to win them over.

Learning and using foreign language:

in the case of paraphrasing a foreign text, you need to use the required language skills to understand the text well. In some cases, you might have to be able to speak another language fluently before paraphrasing it in your native tongue.

This requires lots of training and practice which are useful for students who wish to learn English or any other foreign languages.

Does paraphrasing online make articles plagiarism free?

Yes, our paraphrasing online service makes articles 100% original as it is designed to convert your text into an entirely new document by changing the words and phrases

Is there any scholarly paraphrasing tool on market? 

Our tool has a built-in function of paraphrasing scholarly articles. You can easily paraphrase research papers by using this tool.  Academic paraphrasing is a work for professional people. You can duly use our paraphrasing tool for this kind of work. It is a way of how referencing and writing style.

Can paraphrasing beat Turnitin?

There is less chance for being caught with Turnitin if you paraphrase accurately. So while paraphrasing might be enough to get you out of a jam with some professors, it won’t always work.

Turnitin has developed its system over many years, and it is very good at detecting plagiarism.

What is the best website for paraphrasing?

If you want to make a quick paraphrase, try our free paraphrasing tool. Just write the text you need to be paraphrased in the input box , select the mode, and then click 'Paraphrase'. Our website will give best possible results.

What are advantages of the paraphrasing tool?

One key feature of the paraphrasing tool is that it allows its users to make smart and fast changes in the original text without making any significant damage to it. The paraphrasing tool also comes with a great number of additional tools that are designed for improving productivity while editing text.

This handy online tool helps you change words, phrases or sentences in your text according to your specific requirements. All these edits can be accomplished quickly and easily using this free online article rewriter without ruining the structure of the text.

This is why this tool is just perfect for the SEO specialists and website owners who are looking to optimize their online content.

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