Summary Generator

Text summarizer is a software tool that takes text and converts it into a summary. It is also known as a text extractor, or an abstractor.

It works by analyzing the structure of the input text and then creating a new, shorter version of the original text. This process is known as abstraction. The output of this process is called an abstract or summary.

Uses of Summarizing Tool

  1. Text summarizer can be used to summarize a document, an article, a book or even a whole book.
  2. You can use the text summary generator to create a summary of an essay, find out the main points in article, or to get the central idea of notes.
  3. It is used to summarize the text which is too long and it takes a lot of time to read it. For example, if you are reading a book or any other document and if you don’t have enough time to read it then you can use summarizer to get the summary of that document.
  4. Summary generator is also used in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. where users can share the summary of the article which they have read.
  5. Free text summarizer also helps us to save our time for reading the whole document.

Advantages of Summary Generator

1. Time saving:

The time required to read a book is reduced by summarizing it.

2. Cost saving:

It saves money that would have been spent on buying the book.

3. Language barrier:

If you are not able to read the language of the book/document, you can use summarizer for summarizing text and then translate it in your own language.

4. Learning tool:

Online text summarizer helps in learning new things and improving your knowledge about a particular subject or topic.

5. Ability to concentrate:

It helps in concentration as you read a summary of the book instead of reading the whole book.

6. Useful for people with low vision:

It is useful for people with low vision as they can read the shorter version of books without hurting their eyes.

Summarizing tool for students

A good tool for students to use when making assignments. This will help them break down the text into sections and give them a shorter version of the text they are trying to write. It also helps them to see what they should include in their essay and what they should leave out.

Paraphrasing vs summarizing

Paraphrasing is a skill of restating someone else's ideas in your own words, while summarizing helps to extract the central idea of an article.

To paraphrase or to summarize?

It is best to summarize texts when you need a quick overview of the main idea and do not have time to read the whole text. Summarizing helps you understand the general idea of a text. It can also help you prepare for a test.

Paraphrasing is recommended when you want to restate the whole idea of another author with the addition of your thoughts and fresh perspective.

You can always take help of the paraphrasing tool or summarizer for shortening text.

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