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AI Article Spinner is a free word & text spinner to rewrite content. It is the only AI spinner on Google that changes sentence structure and synonyms. Rewrite articles, essays & blogs with the best article spinner that is both online and free for all kind of writers.

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AI Article Spinner

As the name suggests, AI Article Spinner is an AI-based article rewriter tool that completely rewrites an article or blog with one click. Powered with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, this tool is a state-of-the-art online utility for rewriting articles. It is the best sentence changer generator you will ever come across.

You may come across several free article rewriters on the internet claiming that they are using AI to generate new text from an older one, but have you tried any yet?

If you did, you may probably know what’s the catch here. If you didn’t, then try this one. You won’t be disappointed.

Our team has worked on this online article spinner for almost a year to come up with the best solution possible ever. And we are still working on it as there is always room for advanced features.

What is an Article Rewriter?

Article rewriter or the content spinner is a software that rewrites a given piece of text by replacing the words with synonyms and changing the structure of the sentences.

Its main purpose is to change the way text is written by keeping the original context of the text.

After using word changer, it should be readable and understandable by a common reader. Moreover, it should be free from plagiarism. If an article is still having plagiarism traces in it after spinning, then what’s the point of rewriting, right?

That’s the best thing about our best spinner article.

How does AI Article Spinner work?

Looking for an article rewriter in simple English?

Luckily, you have found it. It is the best spinner article that can be used to spin content in simple English or any other language.

The amazing thing about this best free article spinner is, it eliminates the complexity of manual rewriting which can take up to two or more hours to rewrite a blog. To use this article spinner and rewrite online tool;

  • Select the language of the text using the drop-down list.

aiarticlespinner multiple language

Our paraphrasing tool and rewriter is available in several languages, including EnglishTurkishSpanish and German. You can also paraphrase in DutchFrench and Indonesian.

  • Or select the article rewriter in any other language.
  • Enter the text in the given input box to make it completely new.

aiarticlespinner input box

  • Hit the "Rewrite" button to spin your text.
  • Copy the rewritten text from the box and use it wherever you want.

That’s it.

That’s the process of writing fresh content from existing content using our article spinner online tool.

See how simple it is. That’s our motto. Making things and life simpler for our users.

Why is AI Article Spinner best for rewriting?

Our AI rewiter is very easy and convenient to use. It is focused on making our users comfortable to rewrite exactly what they want in a snap of a finger. Our article spinner is best for any type of content whether it is an article, blog, essay, or a long post for SEO.

Our article spinner rewriter works on top of well-engineered paraphrasing techniques which makes it stand out in the lot. Here is why this article spinner free online is the best tool for spinning your text.

  • It’s free like oxygen

You heard it right. Have you ever paid for oxygen to breathe? Never, Right?

Then why would you pay for rewriting a content that is already available? We never charge our users a single cent for this service. It is completely free of cost. Furthermore, no registration or signup is required to use this article spinner tool free.

  • Rewrite without any word limit

It doesn’t matter whether you are intending to spin a short guest post, a medium-sized essay, or a long thesis. As long as you are with us, you will never face the restriction of words. We offer our users a limitless rewriting service.

You can rewrite 1000, 3000, or 5000 words anytime without signin or registration. As mentioned above, our rewording tool is 100% free paraphraser.

  • Rewrite in multiple languages

As mentioned above, this tool comes with multiple language support. We understand that English is not the only language in the world to write something. We have included support for more than 8 languages to date and we are expecting to get a dozen more on board.

This tool offers rewriting your text in:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Germany
  • Turkish
  • Indonesian
  • Get unique & plagiarism free content

Looking for an article spinner to avoid plagiarism? Look what we have for you.

It is an intelligent software that goes through your content, replaces all words with their synonyms, and also changes the sentence structure. Ideal for rewriting content, this tool saves users time to create unique content.

aiarticlespinner removes plagiarism

Moreover, the content produced by this tool is completely free of plagiarism. No plagiarism checker can detect that the text is rewritten.

After spinning the text, you will get the content that you won’t even recognize but the context of the content will be exactly the same.

aiarticlespinner free plagiarism

Content produced using our spinning tool is like plucking fresh apples from a tree. Spin your articles using the best spinner and you will not see a bit of plagiarism in it.

  • Keeps the context of your text intact

It’s our major feature. There is no point in spinning an article if its original context is lost after rewriting it. Our tool keeps the context of your text intact and offers you fresh content with the same meaning. That’s where our AI technology comes into play.

  • Delivers human-readable content

It generates content that is human-readable after rephrasing. Even if you spin a content that was already not that good at reading, it will make it readable using our AI-algorithms.

According to a study, “Chances of ranking your content becomes 400% higher if the readability score of content is between 90 and 100.”

So, enough of creating a muffled content that will surely hurt your SEO. Get human readable content in few seconds.

  • Creates search engine friendly content

Our tool creates one hundred percent search engine friendly content in terms of SEO which will eventually help you to get better ranking at search engine result pages.

It is recommended that you spin your existing content before posting it to a website or blog, as Google and other search engines are strict with respect to plagiarized content.

Unlike others, the spun text and writing system of our tool is human readable and search engine friendly.

As Google's Andrey Lipattsev was strong-willed in the video released on June 17, 2016.


“Google will not impose a penalty for duplicate content unless it makes sense and content is not repeatedly rewritten to appear unique or rank higher.”


  • Huge synonym database

This tool comes with a massive database of thesaurus which helps make your content unique and fresh. Our database consists of millions of synonyms that can facilitate rewriting thousands of words.

Why use AI Article Spinner?

Today, bloggers, students, and content writers have to write longer content very frequently. It is very exhausting to spend your time brainstorming for new ideas on a daily basis.

We are not against working on fresh ideas, but, sometimes, you just don’t feel like getting one.

There is so much content written on every topic that it becomes almost impossible to get a subject or new idea for your next blog post. Apart from writing on new ideas, if your English is not up to the mark, you will find it difficult to compose an article that is free from structural mistakes.

That’s where our article spinner and rewrite app for pc comes in handy. What you have to do is, grab an article from the internet, paste it in our tool and get a newly written article at your disposal.

Here’s why you should use AI article spinner.

  • Saves time

Have you ever tried to rephrase content by yourself? If you did, you may know how shattering it is. It takes probably 2 hours to rewrite an article of 1000 words by yourself and that’s if you are good in English vocabulary and grammar.

So, why waste your valuable time when you are living in an era where the right technology is available. Instead, save your time for something more productive for your business.

Our tool lets you rephrase an article in few seconds. No strings attached!

  • Improves your skills

This tool can be very beneficial for you if your English skills are not that great.

Rewriting content using a rewriter tool improves your writing skills. You could be rephrasing your content for other purposes without realizing that your English skills are being polished.

  • Greatly benefits your SEO

Content is the key to get traffic on your website. Longer content tends to find more backlinks than shorter content. Moreover, more information can be provided to users in a 2000-words article than a 500-words blog.

But, what if you cannot write 2000 words for each of your blog. You may not be good in English, you may not have enough time, or enough resources to hire someone that can write frequent content for you.

This online tool helps you to get rid of all of these problems. You can rewrite and post longer content frequently, even more than 2000 words for your blog or website.

Have a look at this average content length graph for top result pages, conducted by Hook Agency.

aiarticlespinner paraphrasing tool

  • Boosts your efficiency & productivity

Using this tool will enable you to be more efficient and productive. You will be able to rewrite thousands of words for your blog in less than a day which cannot be achieved even in a week if you write all the content by yourself.

Here at AI Article Spinner technologies, we encourage our employees to do smart work instead of hard work. That’s what we will advise you on our behalf.

  • Ease of access

Are you looking for an article rewriter spinner free to download?

If you are, there is no need to download any software. Our tools come with ease of access. You can access it from any device you have got.

Whether you are having a bus ride or working on your PC, simply access this web version. It is a fully mobile-responsive web app that can be used on mobiles, PC, laptops, and tablets.

Don’t waste your time for an article rewriter software to free download when you can use this article spinner for mac, PC, Chrome, and all mobile devices.

Who can use AI Article Spinner?

AI Article Spinner can be used by anyone as there are no restrictions to use. We made it accessible to everyone by keeping every feature of this tool open for all users. You don’t need to pay for extra features like other tools. In fact, you own this tool.

This tool can be used by:

  • Bloggers & content writers

Bloggers and content writers have to write thousands of words every week or every month depending on their editorial calendar.

Writing content regularly is a tried and tested technique to get more traffic on your blog and engage with visitors.

Bloggers can use this tool to write content in bulk quantity to keep up with their SEO content needs.

  • Webmasters

Webmasters try several techniques for the SEO of their website to get at a good position in search engine result pages (SERP). Quality content is the biggest factor that Google considers to rank a website.

Webmasters can use this tool to produce quality content for their website to achieve a top position in search engines which will eventually get more traffic.

  • Students

Students have to write a lot of assignments, essays, research papers, or thesis in school or college. Sometimes, students don’t get enough material for research or are just fed up for some reason, but that doesn’t mean that they should ruin their grades for these silly reasons.

Students can use this tool to write their assignments, essays, or other class material to maintain and improve their academic grades.

  • Teachers & academic staff

Teachers and academic staff have to write e-mails to parents, drafts, memos, and a lot of material for their students. They can use this tool to rewrite presentations and other material for reasonable purposes.

  • Freelancers

Freelancers too, have to write a lot of proposals to get projects on freelancing sites. They have to keep a balance between completing current projects and applying for the next ones. Freelancers can use this tool to write their proposals using existing ones to keep that cycle going.

  • Companies

It is the same case with companies as with freelancers. Companies and businesses have to write business proposals on a daily basis to keep their business running.

Sending proposals with the same text can hurt the reputation of a company. Companies can use this tool to get more projects and deals which will help them boost their revenue.


Is there a website that can reword sentences?

Yes, there is. AI Article Spinner is a free website that can reword sentences while keeping the meaning of the sentence. It uses artificial technology to get rewording done for your sentences or paragraphs.

What is the best article spinner software?

There are several article spinner software in the market but the best article spinner you can come across is AI Article Spinner because of its ease of use and accuracy.

Can Grammarly paraphrase?

Grammarly is basically an online tool that checks grammar and spelling mistakes in the text. It has an extra feature of paraphrasing the badly structured sentence, but it doesn’t paraphrase a whole article or blog.

Is using a paraphrasing tool cheating?

No, using a paraphrasing tool is not considered as cheating as long as you don’t use it for unreasonable purposes. The content created using a rephraser could be entitled to plagiarism but as long as your content is plagiarism-free, there is nothing to worry about.

In other case, you should know how to reference in paraphrasing.

What is the best paraphrase tool?

Paraphrasing tool by AI Article Spinner is the best paraphrase tool available on the web. It comes with a bundle of advanced features and is absolutely free of cost.

Can Turnitin detect paraphrasing?

Turnitin cannot detect paraphrasing if you paraphrase each sentence. It’s because of the algorithm of Turnitin, which checks patterns of grammar, the structure of sentences, and phrases.