Article Spinner (Rewriter) Online

Article Spinner, also called article rewriter, helps in rewriting and editing online blogs and articles. It allows authors to write unique content. It is also a valuable resource for students to write high-quality essays.

What is an online article spinner?

It is precisely what it sounds like: it rewrites articles, removes plagiarism, and preserves the original meaning of the text.

Spinning an article is more effortless than manually rewriting texts. Search engines search for original content with high-quality blog posts to compete against various search queries. Online article spinning tool helps authors write SEO-friendly blogs for Google. 

How does a sentence rewriter work?

Article rewriter works on a different logic, but the most common algorithm is "replacing synonyms". (Wikipedia)

This conventional process changes synonyms with the most relevant word from the database.

AI algorithms such as NLP (Natural Language Programming) and MLM (Masked Language Model) paved the way for semantic paraphrasing. Contemporary, not all online rewriters, but some article spinner tools use state-of-the-art technology to rewrite.

This is how NLP (AI) paraphrasing works:

NLP (AI) paraphrasing

Image Credit: Guru99

How to use a word spinner?

  • Enter the text in the input field
  • Select the mode for which 05 versions are now available
  • Click on the "Rewrite Article" button to rewrite the text.
  • Copy the output text from the result box and use it wherever you want.

How to make the most out of it?

It supports 05 modes:

  1. Human
  2. AI Robot
  3. Remove Plagiarism
  4. Fix Grammar
  5. Fix Sentence Structure

All modes work according to the model of natural language processing and yield different results. Different niches will react differently in all Modes.

In case you don't like the output of one mode, you can try another Mode accordingly.

  • Human mode:

This mode reproduces copied text so that it sounds like human-written text. The spun paragraph will be as good as the original paragraph.

  • AI Robot

The automatic article rewriter mode provides fresh content. AI mode rewrites essay depending on the NLP feature.

  • Remove Plagiarism

Our "plagiarism remover" mode rewrites high-quality, plagiarism free essays. This feature has made writing content much easier than before.

With the help of this mode, content producers can regularly create blogs without plagiarism.

  • Fix Grammar

In general, an online content spinner does not spin text without grammatical errors. This mode is designed to solve this problem. It fixes grammar problems such as punctuation errors, syntax errors and generates valuable information from poor quality paper.

Simply put, it converts low-quality articles to high-quality ones.

  • Fix Sentence Structure

Non-English authors of content cannot maintain the quality of the text, especially if they are not aware of grammar rules. Google may not rank his/her published blog(s) due to poor quality.

Fix Sentence Structure Mode enables content production with a personalized tone.

Why is our article rewriter the best?

Our team has spent nearly two years, making textual content rewriting tool best for authors.

Here are the reasons why this word spinner is best:

1. NLP Rewriting

NLP rewriting ai article spinner

Image Credit: Mindinnovations

Neuro-Linguistic is complex when it comes to paraphrasing. There are hundreds of trained models, but none can paraphrase on a human level.

AI Article Spinner has this advantage over its competitors in terms of using advanced technologies. We are short on cash but offer free services to authors. We believe that we do not earn but learn.

2. Accurate & Fast

Our article rewriter is fast, accurate, and capable of rewriting bulk content at once. However, as the NLP is in progress, 100% precise rewriting cannot be guaranteed.

3. Free Text Spinner - No Sign-up

There is no fee to spin words on our website. It is a 100% free rewriter—no need to log in or sign up for using our rewriting services.

4. Rewrite up to 15,000 characters

Now, our AI version supports 2,000 characters for content spinning. We look forward to increasing the character limit to 10,000 - 15,000 characters (approx.1,500 words).

Even after increasing the word limit, it will remain free on Google.

5. Multilingual

Most rewriting tools do not support any other international languages. We not only offer an English spinner, but our tool also comes with support for multiple languages.

We know that people need article spinner software for languages other than English. We currently support 8 + languages and will introduce at least 12 more by June 2021.

It is available in the following languages:

6. Eliminate plagiarism

It is essential to publish unique blogs on websites. Otherwise, search engines might accuse you of copying data and refuse to rank duplicate content.

Our rewriter tool removes plagiarism and reproduces high-quality original texts. It rewrites words, sentences, and paragraphs to generate unique content.

Below is the text of the article that we have copied and paraphrased. Original article and rewritten article are not identical after paraphrasing.

Plagiarism changer

Plagiarism free document after using the "Remove Plagiarism" mode:

Plagiarism remover

This report is produced by "Quetext Plagiarism Checker".


7. Intact Original Context

Unlike other paid and free rewriting tools, AI Article Spinner would not change the original meaning. Our essay spinner changes sentence and paragraph structure but retains the original context of the paragraph.

This feature allows you to rewrite SEO-friendly content.

8. Delivers Human Readable Content

The spin text is relevant and easily understandable.

Who can use article rewriter tool and why?

Rewriter tools are for writers, authors, and, webmasters and students.

  • Bloggers can post new blog posts

Search engine optimized articles are the first choice of bloggers. Unique content is not enough for web visibility in Google. (Ahrefs) Therefore, it is a rare opportunity to find an article spinner that can provide both exceptional and high-quality text.

Our AI-based Content Spinning Tool has advanced features to solve this problem. It makes changes depending on the sentence context, keeps readability high, and saves time when writing content.

  • Content writers can create original content

Content writers can use rewriters when deadlines are looming.

Content spinner provides content creation solutions. They can write 2-3 articles per day, optimize content daily and create efficient articles for readers.

  • Provides free text to webmasters

Website administrators or web owners need a rewriting tool more than anyone else. SEO tools can easily detect plagiarism, and webmasters may need to change words or articles immediately. If they are not authors themselves and have no freelance contributor available, word-spinners can save the day.

  • Students can write unique assignments

Plagiarism checker tools can ruin student's grades. Most students do not have the creative writing skills to do their homework independently. In this situation, they can take an enormous amount of time to write unique content.

Using our tool can help them understand new ways to rewrite the same sentences and words differently.

  • Saves time of teachers

Language teachers face the most significant challenge in teaching new words in a language other than the student's mother tongue.

Paraphrases allow them to find multiple versions of the same content with different result times.

  • Freelance writers can use it on regular basis

Freelance writers know that high quality content requires both search engine experience and human readership before delivering the order to customers. SEO tools can detect less readable texts, which can cause freelancers trouble in processing orders.

Well, that doesn't happen if you use our article spinner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best article rewriter tool?

Several websites say they are the best article rewriters. However, the best article spinner is the one that is entirely free and delivers SEO friendly results.

Our AI paraphraser is free, precise, and delivers the best rewritten text.

2. Is the use of article spinner software illegal?

No. The use of online spinners is not illegal. An rewriter tool is often used for fair reasons. If the end product is unique and quoted correctly, there is little to think about.

However, you should know how to refer to paraphrasing.

3. Can Turnitin detect paraphrasing?

Turnitin cannot detect paraphrasing if you paraphrase each sentence. It's because of the algorithm of Turnitin, which checks patterns of grammar, sentence structure of sentences, and phrases.

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